What is the Simulator?

The Simulator is a serious game that lets you see the following on your computer screen during your indoor sessions (or on a TV screen connected to your computer):

  • The data corresponding to the different variables measured by Bkool (time, distance, heart rate, power, speed, cadence and calories).
  • Either a representation of the route profile you are completing or a real video.
  • Your position on the route, that of any “virtual competitor” (bot) if you created one and that of any other users completing the session with you (multiplayer mode).

Simulator also lets you download sessions created on bkool.com to your PC. 

If you do not have Simulator downloaded on your PC, you will not be able to complete indoor sessions

If two different users are using the same PC, do they only need to have the simulat downloaded once?

One simulator is capable of managing both users perfectly. All you need to do is configure the accounts of each user within the simulator.

How do I know when a new version of the simulator is available?How do I update it?

The simulator will automatically download any new versions when they become available. You will be informed and be shown the steps to take for the update. The previous version will automatically be deleted.