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Wellcome to the Real Video Multiplayer sessions in BKOOL



Wellcome to Multiplayer sessions up to 100 people!






21.8km máx 9.6%



Climb the Portalet and get kilometers for the BKOOL Ranking of the QH

Portalet en BKOOL

Portalet is the 3rd montain of the Quebrantahuesos. Starting from french city of Laruns, those 29,21 kilometers became interminable the day of the races because by the time you start climbing you already cycled 156km. Amazing views of the french roads untill you get back to the fronteer and cross to Huesca.


Tuesday May 22nd

Morning 8h; 10h   Noon 14:30h; 15:30h   Afternoon 18:30h; 19:30h   Night 21:00h; 22:00h


Wednesday May 23rd

Morning 9h; 10:30h   Noon 14:00h; 15:00h   Afternoon 18:45h; 19:15h   Night 20:45h; 22:15h


Thursday 24 May 24th

Morning 9h; 10:30h   Noon 14:00h; 15:00h   Afternoon 18:45h; 19:15h   Night 20:45h; 22:15h


Are you able to chase the pros? CHALLENGE them

Carlos Barredo getting back on shape from his arm injury with BKOOL

The spanish cycler from Rabobank is getting better from the serious injury after crashing at GP E3 Prijs Vlaanderen. Despite this injury on the arm, he is practicing more and more everyday. Would you dare to chase him?


BKOOL flat tracks

2D Sessions vs Carlos Barredo

30-48km máx 2%



Carlos Barredo en BKOOL


Practice with Carlos at BKOOL 


Flat track of 15km máx 1.9% med 0.6%

Challenge Carlos Barredo (26min 28secs)


Flat track of 30km máx 2% med 0.6%

Challenge Carlos Barredo (52min 22secs)

Quique "El búfalo" Gutierrez, runner-up at 2006 Giro di Italia has started strong this season.

Quique is already in Colombia, where he is going to run this year with his team Gobernacion de Antioquia. His practices are extremly long montain passes in outdoor recorded with the BKOOL mobile application. You definitely cannot find those montain passes in Europe . Would you dare to repeat them at home?


Outdoor Tracks of BKOOL

2D Session vs Quique Gutierrez

40km uphill



Quique Gutierrez en BKOOL


Practice with Quique at BKOOL 


Outdoor track of 38km med 4,1% at Cocorná ,Antilóquia (Colombia)

Challenge Quique Gutierrez (1h 35min 50secs)


Outdoor track of 40km 0,2% med from Chóvar climbing Montes de Palencia and back (Valencia)

Reta a Quique Gutierrez (1h 18min 29secs)

More challenges for everybody.

Have you anytime climb the Tourmalet with an against the clock bike? Have you challenge yourself against a handbike? Do you want to challenge the UltraCycler Julián Sanz? Great chance to challenge them!



Indoor track from GPX at BKOOL

2D Session vs Pep Sánchez

Tourmalet from La Mongie



Pep Sanchez Irontriax en BKOOL


Entrena con Irontriax en BKOOL 


Outdoor track of 17,18km med 7% at Tourmalet

Challenge Pep Sánchez (1h 3min 24secs)





Indoor track from GPX at BKOOL

2D Session vs Pedro Albendea

A track arround Alcázares, Murcia



Pedro Albendea Fat & Furious en BKOOL


Practice with Fat & Furious en BKOOL 


Indoor track from GPS of 4,57km máx 4,2% med 0%

Challenge Pedro Albendea (11min 23secs)



Do you want to see your challenges or your multiplayer sessions on this calendar? send us an email at with the link to the track profile and the starting time of the sessions. We will choose the more creative and motivating ones!


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