Professional riders practicing with Bkool

To the all outstanding riders that already practice with Bkool, we add some very wellknown cyclist and triathletes.

Ainhoa Murua utilizando BkoolAinhoa Murua, basque triathlete compiting on the ITU World Cup. With two Olympic appearances and already qualified for London 2012, the triathlete born in Zarauz is the most outstanding female triatlete in Spain.

Ainhoa met Bkool in the showroom during Garmin Barcelona Triathlon, of course her teammates from the national team Zurine Rodriguez and Marina Damlaimcourt told her all good things about the Bkool equipment.

Both her and her couple Jon Unanue already enjoy their Bkool equipment and carefully prepare this very special 2012 season, with London Olympics as big goal.





Carlos Barredo, asturian cycler from the Rabobamk team with more than 8 years as professional cycler. He has won the San Sebastian Classic in 2009 and the 2010 stage of La Vuelta finished in Lagos de Covadonga, among his multiple prices and victories.

Carlos found out Bkool during La Vuelta 2011 and did not get a doubt on getting his own equipment once he finished his short holydays. From stage to stage, he practices hard on his BKOOL to prepare as good as possible this 2012 season.

If you want to keep his path, here you have his Bkool profile

If you want to see how hard he practices and size a pro, you can challenge him to one of his sessions published in the Multiplayer Calendar.

Mario Mola, youth international triathlete from Mallorca that fights to get a spot on the next Olympics. With a gold medall on the U23 World Cup, has achieved several podiums and a commendable 5th possition on the London ITU WCS.

Mario discovered BKOOL during a talk of Mikel Zabala to his teammates of Red Bull, and some weeks later met his teammate on the national team Marina Damlaimcourt on a stage. Marina is one of the first professionals using Bkool, so Mario did not doubt on getting one. He is already enjoying sessions and multiplayers at his hometown in Mallorca.

This is his Bkool profile. Do you dare to challenge him?