Cycling Apps - Bkool Indoor Cycling Trainer

Bkool Indoor

Virtual Training with Bkool simulator

For the most realistic riding experience. Enjoy hundreds of real videos and over 500,000 riding sessions. Ride with up to 100 friends from all over the world. Create, share and take part in leagues, groups and rankings.

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Windows, Macintosh, Android, iPad

Bkool Outdoor

Bkool Mobile Virtual Training

Easily record your rides and runs on your mobile. Track your training in real time or analyze the data afterwards. Store your training data at and analyze it, share it or relive it at home.

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Bkool Video editor

Video route editor for Cycling Training

Create your own video profiles easily with our editor. Use a camera with GPS or combine it with your usual GPS device. Display the route on the map. Edit all or part of the route and correct mistakes in the profile. Upload it to Bkool where you can repeat it and share it.

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