Video classes

Improve, work out and have fun! The best indoor cycling instructors have designed specific exercises so you can achieve your goals. Train smart! Our classes adapt to your physical condition so that you notice from the first moment the results of your workouts.


Reach your goals from the comfort of home while having fun thanks to our professional instructors.

3D World

Whenever you want.

The gym is in your home. Decide when to train and share it with friends all over the world.

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Analyze your results.

Compare them in real time with the goals for the class: power, heart rate and cadence. When it’s over, analyze your performance in depth.

3D World

All kinds of options.

Choose between various classes with different levels, workout goals, instructors and music.

3D World

Paco Gonzalez

Kim Forteza

Music and exercise combined perfectly by our expert instructors. Work out with the best! We have world-renowned professionals.

Work out with Kim Forteza, Paco González and Aron Kiss. Our instructors put their personal stamp on classes by making them exciting and fun with the main goal of reaching your targets.

From San Francisco to Korea, they advise the most prestigious gyms. They travel the world teaching other professionals, and now Bkool is bringing them to your home.

Improve with our WorkScreen

Workscreen is a unique display designed so you can keep up in real time with what matters most from your workout: zones, power and cadence.

work screen
  • Zones

    Our workouts are designed based on power zones. Watch in real time as you meet your targets.

  • Power

    If you like stats, this indicator is the perfect thermometer for your workout. Focus on your goal and check the range or watts you are generating.

  • Cadence

    Our real-time indicator helps you stick to the target cadence for the class while pedaling to the beat of the best music.


Bkool Simulator

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Mac (OSX 10.8), PC (Windows 7 or later), iOS (7 or later), Android (4.2 or later)
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