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Need more info? FAQ's

How many 3D routes does Bkool have?
There are thousands of turbo trainer routes! This makes Bkool different from other cycling simulators that offer only a few routes. You can upload gpx data from your favorite routes and we'll create them in 3D format. The world is huge and riding only a few routes on your bicycle trainer gets boring fast.
What is Bkool RealWorld 3D?
It's a patented, Bkool exclusive system that lets you upload gpx data from your favorite routes, which we then turn into 3D routes. What's more, the route created for the turbo trainer will reproduce the actual scenery from this route, letting you get the most from your bicycle trainer.
Can I use my tablet or Mac?
Yes, Bkool is available for PC, Mac and tablets (iPad and Android).
What is Bkool RealWeather 3D?
It's a patented, Bkool exclusive system for bicycle trainers. When you select a route anywhere in the world, we'll recreate the weather in that part of the world. If it's raining you'll see rain, if it's snowing you'll see snow, etc. We'll also recreate the amount of sunlight and the phases of the moon, so you'll be able to ride under the sun or in the dark of night, letting the light on your bike illuminate the road. Your turbo trainer workouts will be different.
Do I need an Internet connection?
Yes, you can't use the simulator offline.
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