• Bkool Smart Pro
  • USD 599.99


Bkool Smart Pro + Simulator

Bkool Smart Pro Turbo Trainer

USD 599.99


Includes 1 year of simulator PREMIUM


Maximum realism training with a cycling trainer

Bkool Smart Pro is controlled by the simulator
Recreates the gradients of your virtual routes

  • Powerful

    Can reach up to 1,200 W.
    Simulates slopes of up to 20%.

  • Super stable

    Telescoping legs offer greater stability when riding.

  • Silent

    Noise level: 75 dB at 30 kph.
    A conversation ranges from 40 to 80 dB

  • Inertia

    Bkool trainers are the only ones that simulate inertia
    Smart adjustments on gradients.

  • Wireless

    Uses ANT+ to communicate with the simulator

  • Compact & Light

    Folding stand. 11,6Kg.
    Disassembly into two pieces.

  • Plug & Play

    Easy to set up, doesn't need calibration.
    The wheel adjusts to the roller.

  • Universal

    Compatible with all wheel sizes (from 20" to 29").

Includes 1 year PREMIUM

Discover the Bkool Simulator

More information

Bkool Smart Pro Trainer includes

  • Quick release

    Turbo Trainer Quick release
  • Power adapter

    Transformer Bkool Smart Pro Trainer
  • USB ANT +

    Turbo trainer USB ANT +
  • Front wheel support

    Turbo Trainer pedestal

Need more info? FAQ's

Is the Bkool trainer a high-end product?
Yes, this trainer uses the latest advances in biomechanics and a simulator with the most advanced software. This trainer has created a new concept in indoor cycling.
It costs about less than half what other trainers cost, so is it of lower quality?
The trainer is of the highest quality. This is made possible by its advanced technology and design. Both the hardware and software undergo strict quality control tests. Each trainer is individually calibrated.
What is 3D World? Why is it different from others?
Bkool has developed an exclusive technology, unique in the world. The 3D is created instantly as you pedal, in contrast to others that are recorded and feature limited scenarios. You can cover routes anywhere on Earth, with these reflecting the actual terrain. You can ride these routes with friends, no matter where they are, with each taking the form of an avatar to enter the virtual 3D World.
What do you mean when you say that the trainer includes a simulator?
The Bkool trainer includes a simulator with advanced software that will let you, for example, select from over 500,000 routes or hundreds of videos and ride with your friends from home. These days, a trainer without a simulator is a thing of the past.