Velodrome events

Feel the adrenaline



Individual or team competitions

  • Keirin


    A Japanese classic. Don't overtake the motorized pacer and come in first in an 8-lap race.

  • Velodrome Miss and out

    Miss and out

    Win the highest number of sprints without being eliminated

  • Velodrome Individual Pursuit

    Individual pursuit

    Catch up to your rival, who will start at the opposite finish line. You're separated by 125 meters!

  • Velodrome Team Pursuit

    Team pursuit

    The riders in the "chase" position rule: the team catching up to the opposite chase rider, or completing the 16 laps in the lowest time, wins

Available only for smart trainers

Bkool Velodrome Points

Get Bkool points

As you ride sessions you'll collect Bkool points, based on the difficulty of the workouts you've done. You can then use these points to pick an outfit and customize it however you like.

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Bkool Simulator

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