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Firmware update
In order to update your Bkool Pro trainer correctly, please place it closer to the PC (not further than 5 cm). Use a USB extension cable for the mini USB See more
How to activate a coupon or Premium subscription
If you purchased your trainer in a store. To activate a Premium subscription: (1) sign up at if you haven't done so yet; (2) log in using the email and password you used to sign up See more

Frequently asked questions

  • What subscription does the purchase include?


    If you buy through The price of a trainer usually includes a 3-month Premium subscription, though it depends on the country. Check when you place your order.

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  • Paying fees. Automatic renewal


    What is an automatic renewal? When you buy a trainer that includes a Premium subscription, or you buy a Premium subscription, it is automatically renewed. The subscription fee is charged to

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  • How long does delivery take?


    The items are delivered to the address provided in about 4-7 working days. Though unusual, keep in mind that international deliveries may be delayed two or three days for various reasons.

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  • Do I have to ship the order or will you pick it up?


    The client is responsible for the cost of returning any item (See Return Policy)

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  • The LED on the trainer is not lit


    If you have the Classic (white) model: This does not indicate a fault. In fact, on the Classic model this LED never turns on, it only turns on on the Pro model.

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  • Simulator manual


    The Bkool Indoor simulator is available for the following systems: Windows, Macintosh, Android, iPad.

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  • Video editor manual


    1. General information Bkool video route editor is a software product which will let you fully revise your recordings, edit any stops or any GPS signal losses, assure that the slopes are correct, eliminate parts of the video, etc.

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  • Premium. Subscription types


    Bkool is a cycling simulator that lets you do workout sessions, compete with other people from your home and share your achievements on our social network. Bkool isn’t just another trainer; it’s a complete training system that lets you share your favorite sport with your friends in the easiest way possible.

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