How to install the cadence/combo sensor


Follow the instructions provided with the device. Place it on your bicycle’s left chainstay such that when you turn the pedals, the magnets pass within about 1 mm of the cadence and/or speed sensor. Securely attach the sensor with the plastic ties. The face with the Bkool logo must face the magnet.

To pair the monitor and sensor with Bkool Indoor, follow these steps:

-Connect the USB ANT+ antenna, if you have it, to your computer or tablet.

-Turn the pedals so it starts emitting pulses when activated by the magnet.

-If you don’t have an ANT+ antenna, first pair the sensor to the PC via Bluetooth (not necessary for Mac or tablets).

- Go to Bkool Indoor > Settings > Connect my devices

- You will see a list of devices, including the sensor. Select it and hit "Apply".

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