What is ERG mode?


ERG mode allows you to control the desired load at all times since by automatically adjusting the resistance supplied by the trainerS, regardless of the speed, cadence or gear, to keep the load at the set value..

This allows you to do controlled workouts since the trainer will adapt to maintain the load you specify.

For example, you can program a training session where, after warming up, a 200W load is applied for 4 minutes, followed by a 2-minute recovery at 60W, repeated N times, and the trainer will adapt to maintain these specified load and time intervals regardless of the speed and gear ratio.

Note: The braking system on the trainer requires a minimum speed to supply certain resistances, meaning that if this speed is not reached, it will not be able to supply the specified load, in which case the speed will have to be increased.

To activate ERG mode, press the P key, or on a tablet, touch the power reading. After a few seconds, ERG mode will be activated at whatever power you are outputting at that moment.

To deactivate it, press the P key, or on a tablet, touch the power reading. The trainer resistance will again be adjusted to reflect the elevation profile.

When in ERG mode, the simulator will show the load in orange above the power reading while the mode is active.


When in 3D view, you can also see above your avatar that ERG mode is active.

In the Workouts it is shown in the center display.


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