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BCycling allows you to do indoor cycling sessions connected to the simulator, BSim.

You can do individual sessions, competing against yourself or up to 100 friends in multiplayer mode online.

You can do sessions you have done on the web, downloaded from your GPS, produced by our training plans or created by your friends.

The sessions are reproduced by the simulator(BSim).

BCycling's technical specifications

BCycling Size60,2 x 60,2 x 49 cm
Base size26 x 8,5 x 7,5 cm
Weight14 Kg
Powerup to 1.200 w
Includesquick release
cadence sensor

BKOOL ANT+ Cadence sensor technical specifications

The Cadence sensor BKOOL ANT+ is paired with the simulator BSim.

The cadence sensor fits in the chainstays of any bike through a bridle system. On the same way, the magnet is fixed to the crankarm no matter what material is made of. It is wireless and transmitted by ANT+.

An easy installation that allows you to have available the cadence in your sessions.

Size3 x 3 x 1,5 cm
Weight50 gr
Range5 m