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  • Compatible with: Wahoo Fitness Wahoo Fitness Wahoo Fitness

    • RealAxiom
    • RealPower
    • Real E-motion
    • RealTour
Categoría Suscripción free Suscripciónes premium
Sessions Limited Over 500,000!
Descripción de sesiones
Created by you, your friends,or Bkool. Choose from thousands of options.
Video Routes Free and unlimited
Descripción de video real
Hundreds of video routes to make your session more realistic.
3D World. New!
Descripción de sesiones
Cover any route on the planet, alone or with up to 100 friends. Exclusive Bkool technology.
Map view
Descripción de vista mapa
Enjoy GPS sessions, in full detail. Any route in the world.
Friends Limited features All the features
Descripción de amigos
Share your training session, ride with them, challenge them, invite them to your league, share your pictures and videos.
Leagues and Groups
Descripción de ligas y grupos
Create or participate in sports events. You can train with up to 100 cyclists.
Descripción de rankings
Compare your performance by category and country, with other cyclists and friends.
Analysis in the Cloud Basic Advanced
Descripción de analisis
Our powerful analytical platform calculates the data from your sessions.
Import Routes
Descripción de importar rutas
Record your routes with your GPS or mobile, and repeat them at home
History in the Cloud
Descripción de sesiones
Analyze your sessions in detail. The data is stored indefinitely.
Training zones
Descripción de sesiones
Complex calculations to define your pulse zones and strength, training with greater precision
Multi-platform. New!
Descripción de sesiones
Available for PC; Mac and tablets (iPad and Android)
Music. New!
Descripción de sesiones
Play your Spotify music to liven up your session (Spotify fee not included)
Descripción de sesiones
Train with up to 100 friends. At home, no matter where they are. Live!
Video routes of other users
Descripción de sesiones
Discover new routes recorded by other users
3D Velodrome view
Descripción de velodromo
Feels like a professional track
Virtual sessions
Descripción de sesiones
Compete against cyclists located anywhere in the world.
Voice chat. New!
Descripción de sesiones
Speak with your club members or opponents as you ride.
Descripción de sesiones
Change your friends or other cyclists. They'll be able to challenge you.
Structured tests
Descripción de sesiones
Check your physical state to determine your starting point and progress
Descripción de sesiones
Include opponents in your sessions (real, robots, virtual, yourself)
Customized plans
Descripción de sesiones
Set your goals. We'll generate your personalized plan so you can track your progress.
Export Sessions
Descripción de sesiones
Extract your data from Bkool to analyze or share it. Multiple formats.
Favorite Sessions
Descripción de sesiones
Always available. You won't have to program them again and again.
  • Compatible with: Wahoo Fitness Wahoo Fitness Wahoo Fitness

    • RealAxiom
    • RealPower
    • Real E-motion
    • RealTour