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Turbo Trainer + Simulator

Half the cost of similar trainers!

Bkool is unique:
 3D World. Every route in the world.
 The trainer with the most features.
 Half the cost of similar trainers.
 1-YEAR Premium membership included.
  • Pro Trainer

    Stabler, Quieter, and more Compact

    • One-time payment


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Experience the most realistic sensations. Professionals agree: with Bkool actual riding sensations on the ground can really be felt.

Realismo extremo

Connect it and pedal. It's that easy!

Plug & Play

Ramps up to 1,200w, on a progressive curve. You'll feel just like you were out there on the road.

Potente: 1.200 W

Easy storage. We've reduced its weight and size to a minimum.

Compacto & ligero

Advanced electronics. The result of combining biomechanical engineering with the most powerful cycling software.

Comportamiento inteligente

Bkool is one of the quietest trainers, which is very important if you're going to train at home.


Crafted design. Aesthetics matter.


Cover any route on the planet, alone or with up to 100 friends. Exclusive Bkool technology.

3D World. ¡Novedad mundial

You'll never repeat the same route. Furthermore, with 3D World you can cover any route in the world. Create your session or choose from those of your friends or Bkool's.

Más de 500. 000 rutas

Hundreds of video routes to make your session more realistic.

Vídeo real

Train with up to 100 friends. At home, no matter where they are. Live!


Available for PC; Mac and tablets (iPad and Android)


Play your Spotify music to liven up your session (Spotify fee not included)


Speak with your club members or opponents as you ride.

Chat de voz

Create or participate in sports events. You can train with up to 100 cyclists.

Ligas y equipo
Características de Bkool Pro
  Pro Trainer
NOISE EMISSION (at 4000 rpm) Low (64dBA)
(a conversation ranges from 40-70dBA)
WEIGHT Very light.
10.9 kg.
SIZE Detalles
Compact. 580 x 610 x 412 mm.
800 x 610 x 412 mm (arms extended)
Over 500,000 routesCaracterísticas de Bkool Clasic
Classic Trainer
Moderate (75 dBA)
11.7 kg.
Reduced. 586 x 610 x 412 mm.
Over 500,000 routesCaracterísticas de Bkool Clasic
  • Adjustable to any wheel size: 20" > 29"
  • Fast bike set-up: under 1 minute
  • Realistic pedaling motion.
  • Excellent grip of wheel on roller.
  • Wireless ANT+ transmission + device (PC, Mac or tablet) and trainer
  • Up to 1,200W. Can simulate gradients over 20%.
  • Foldable for easy storage.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Front wheel support

  • Bkool quick release

  • Power Adapter

  • ANT+ USB stick

Características de Bkool Clasic
Características de Bkool Clasic
  • Every route in the world
  • Voice chat
  • 3D velodrome view
  • Alone or with up to 100 friends
  • Music
  • Landscape view
3D World. International Release

The only simulator with 3D World

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Guinness Record for riding on the Bkool trainer

Pierre-Michael Micaletti mostrando su premio record guiness

"After trying out competing brands, the conclusion is clear: its reliability, strength and price place it at the top of the ranking. The Bkool trainer was used non-stop for six days and it worked perfectly. I use it to train every day and it's become a must item".

Pierre-Michael Micaletti
Athlete specializing in ultra long-distance events. Multiple world record holder.
GUINNESS record holder for pedalling six days non-stop (2,738 km) on a Bkool trainer.

What they're saying about Bkool

The option chosen by cyclists, triathletes and in specialized publications

  • Outside Magazine
    "The Coolest Cycling Tech of 2015. It might sound crazy, but this trainer actually has me a little excited for indoor riding season" Outside
  • Ant+
    "Bkool has revolutionized the cycling experience (...) Bkool will set the standard for years to come" ANT+
  • Red kite Prayer
    "I was fairly secure that I wouldn’t have the urge to return to this sort of training until I encountered Bkool" Red kite Prayer
  • CX magazine
    "We tested the Bkool trainer (briefly at Press Camp) and was impressed with the smooth and powerful resistance changes as the (virtual) ride terrain changed" CX magazine
  • Bike Rumor
    “The (Bkool) Inertia Simulation helps carry momentum like it would in the real world”“ Bike Rumor
  • DC Rainmaker
    "It has a good collection of videos and rides (...). Which is pretty much any ride/race/route on earth" DC Rainmaker
  • Josef Ajram
    “Bkool is an incredible home trainer, you'll be delighted” Josef Ajram. Multiple Ironman competitor
  • Pierre-Michael Micaletti
    "I use it to train every day and it's become a must item" Pierre-Michael Micaletti. Athlete. Multiple world record holder

Bkool protection plan. Free.

You don't have to pay anything, not even shipping

If you buy your trainer on this website and, in the unlikely case that it needs a repair during the warranty period, we'll pick it up at your home and return it for free.

Need more info? FAQ's

Is the Bkool trainer a high-end product?
Yes, this trainer uses the latest advances in biomechanics and a simulator with the most advanced software. This trainer has created a new concept in indoor cycling.
It costs about less than half what other trainers cost, so is it of lower quality?
The trainer is of the highest quality. This is made possible by its advanced technology and design. Both the hardware and software undergo strict quality control tests. Each trainer is individually calibrated.
Do many people keep it after trying it?
Yes, 95% do.
Do I need a premium membership for the trainer to work?
You can use the trainer and access many of the features on the Cloud for free and with no limits. This is enough to get you started. The premium membership guarantees access to the more advanced features (unlimited videos, rides with up to 100 friends at once, etc.).
What is 3D World? Why is it different from others?
Bkool has developed an exclusive technology, unique in the world. The 3D is created instantly as you pedal, in contrast to others that are recorded and feature limited scenarios. You can cover routes anywhere on Earth, with these reflecting the actual terrain. You can ride these routes with friends, no matter where they are, with each taking the form of an avatar to enter the virtual 3D World.
Can I try it for free before buying it?
Yes. Once you place an order, you’ll have 30 calendar days to return you purchase if you are not fully satisfied.
What do you mean when you say that the trainer includes a simulator?
The Bkool trainer includes a simulator with advanced software that will let you, for example, select from over 500,000 routes or hundreds of videos and ride with your friends from home. These days, a trainer without a simulator is a thing of the past.