Bkool Indoor

Virtual Training with Bkool simulator

For the most realistic riding experience. Enjoy hundreds of real videos and over 500,000 riding sessions. Ride with up to 100 friends from all over the world. Create, share and take part in leagues, groups and rankings.

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Mac (OSX 10.8 - 10.13)

PC (Windows 7 or higher)


iOS (8 or higher)

Android (4.3 or higher)

Discover the Bkool Fitness app

The best indoor cycling classes on your smartphone. We bring the gym to your home!
hundreds of routes
Hundreds of hours of workouts
Different types of classes
Different class types
Measure your results and your progress
Track your results and progress
Expert instructors
Expert instructors for your workouts
It adapts to you
Different workout times tailored to you
Exercise whenever you want, set your schedule
Exercise when you want. You set the schedule.


Bkool Fitness App

Bkool mobile

Control your trainer from the palm of your hand.

Bkool Mobile

Train when and where you want thanks to the Bkool Mobile app. No internet connection needed. Just a mobile phone and your Bkool trainer.

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Bkool remote

Control the simulator from your smartphone

Bkool Remote

Use your smartphone as a remote control to adjust every aspect of the Bkool simulator. Select the type of workout you want with a swipe of your finger on your phone’s screen and start riding in seconds.

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Bkool video editor

Video route editor for Cycling Training

Bkool Video editor

Create your own video profiles easily with our editor. Use a camera with GPS or combine it with your usual GPS device. Display the route on the map. Edit all or part of the route and correct mistakes in the profile. Upload it to Bkool where you can repeat it and share it.

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Need more information?
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