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Road Cycling Training

Compare your performance by category and country with other riders. To see your position in advanced rankings, go to the analysis platform at


You'll see it on the display as you approach riders ahead of you and feel it. You can also look behind to see who's following you.

Voice chat. Talk to riders around you.


You'll see the actual wind direction and speed in the place you're riding. If you have a Bkool-compatible trainer, you'll feel the wind push with or against you.

Spectator mode

If you select spectator mode, instead of riding you can watch others ride. This is a good technique for getting to know your future challengers.


While you pedal you can see cadence, heart rate, power, speed, calories and slope information. You'll see a graphic profile of the route's slope, and your HR and power zones. You can hide part or all of the data bar.

History. All your info is stored on your history at