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#FromLaplandto Bkool

From 02/12 to 24/12

#FromLaplandto Bkool

#FromLaplandto Bkool
#FromLaplandto Bkool

Help Santa Claus and ride with us on this magical trip #FromLaplandtoBkool

Santa needs our help getting from Lapland to our offices in Madrid? Can you help him? He has promised us that if we succeed and cover the 4324 km between Lapland and Bkool before Christmas Eve he will put us on his good list, and you know what that means... presents. There are 5 Christmassy routes for you to enjoy and help bring Christmas to Bkool! To take part, when you finish a session, comment on our Instagram with the number of kilometres you did with #FromLaplandToBkool. Every Kilometre counts! So even once you've finished the 5 stages you can continue to add on the km's with the hashtag. We have nearly the whole month to achieve our goal and get Santa to Madrid. Don't forget to tell us how far you went! If you want to get your presents before Christmas this year, you're going to have to work for them!

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Taking part in the Bkool leagues is very simple. You just have to own a smart trainer from any brand and register with Bkool. You can take advantage of our free 30-day trial, and try all of Bkool's features without paying anything. Once registered, you will have to sign up for the league and start enjoying all the stages that you will see highlighted in our simulator.