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Compete in our leagues with cyclists from all over the world

Measure your power and become the boss of e-cycling by competing in the BKOOL leagues. Train, prepare for important races and fight to be number one against other cyclists!

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Compatible with other trainers

No matter what trainer you own, be it BKOOL or another brand, you can participate in our leagues on equal terms. We simulate our speed using a calculation based on your watts. BKOOL is compatible with other brands, so don't miss the opportunity to test yourself against other cyclists nobody gets an unfair advantage with BKOOL!

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Become a BKOOL ambassador

We love working with BKOOLers to create their leagues, working side by side we develop successful weekly events and help to grow a community of dedicated cyclists. Creating a league is very simple: decide what league you'd like to create, design the routes and get other users to join.




"BKOOLligaen is fantastic because everyone can ride against cyclists at their own level, which enables them to push their limits in every stage. This makes for great training and improves the form quickly."




"BKOOL has become fundamental for the winter to prepare for the season, for this, I participate in their organised competitions, where I have met many BKOOLers who have become great friends and with whom I share moments of fun, doing what we like, cycling."

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The most powerful, smart and accessible immersive training experience. For just 9.99€ a month, experience BKOOL without limits and enter our huge community of BKOOLers.

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