Paying fees. Automatic renewal


What is an automatic renewal? When you buy a trainer that includes a Premium subscription, or you buy a Premium subscription, it is automatically renewed. The subscription fee is charged to your credit card monthly or annually, depending on the initial purchase method. You agree to this automatic renewal when you make your purchase.

I want to cancel or activate the automatic renewal.

It's very easy: Go to here 

Selecting the option "Do you want to cancel your subscription?" will deactivate auto renewal when your subscription expires.

Your Premium subscription will stay activated until the date that your subscription expires

Before canceling your automatic renewal, learn the advantages of being Premium!


Never miss a session. The automatic subscription makes it easier to exercise. You'll never miss a workout because you forgot to renew your subscription.

Price. If you do the math, you'll see that a Premium subscription is an excellent investment in your health. It'll cost you less than 2€ a week, and you can do as many sessions in a week as you want.

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