How do I make my first training session?


1- Register. If you are not registered at, do so now. You will need to use the same registration email and password to log into the Bkool simulator.

2 - Download the Bkool Indoor simulator. You can do so from the downloads area at The simulator is compatible with PC, Mac and tablets (iOS and Android).

3 - Activate your coupon. If you have a discount coupon for Bkool Premium, activate it now. Enter your code in the store's coupon section.

4 - Set up your Bkool unit. Do it as shown in the illustrations on this page.

5 - Plug the trainer into an outlet.

6 - Connect the USB ANT+ or activate the Bluetooth connection on your PC or tablet.

7 - Pair the trainer to the computer via Bluetooth (only required for Windows) if using this connection. When you go into the simulator, it will automatically detect the trainer. If it doesn’t, pair it manually by going into “Settings >Connect my devices”.

8 - Once inside, pick a session in the Finder and start pedaling!

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