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Bkool is a cycling simulator that lets you do workout sessions, compete with other people from your home and share your achievements on our social network. Bkool isn’t just another trainer; it’s a complete training system that lets you share your favorite sport with your friends in the easiest way possible.

The two subscription types we offer let you enjoy the different features available. You can choose the subscription that best suits your needs:

- Premium. Enjoy all the features of the Bkool simulator: unlimited routes, 3D World, Video, Real Weather, multiplayer to compete against your friends, workouts, analysis platform with results from your workouts, leagues, groups… The next step in fun and entertainment.

- Free. Free access to a limited number of routes in 2D mode only.

We invite you to continue browsing our website,where you’ll find all the information you need on Bkool equipment.

You can get more information on our website: Premium

We at Bkool recommend the Premium subscription. See for yourself the unique features it offers.

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