Bkool offers cycling Workouts that have been designed by professional trainers that are perfect for improving performance and fitness, but also with the added feature of being able to create your very own custom Workout using the ““Workout Creator”“.

How does the Bkool Workout Creator work?

Through the Workout Creator you can prepare trainings based on the fractional interval system using power zones to establish the intensity of each interval.

Workouts are currently in Beta phase. We will be releasing the final version this year with additional features and improvements. Therefore, what’s described here could change slightly, however it will give you the basic understanding as to how they work and what they can do.

To get the most accurate Workout, you must first update your UPF to define your Power Zones.

After performing the UPF test, head over to and open your profile. You’ll see that your Power Zones have been created. In the following table, you have the difference between Power Zones and Percentage of Intensity.

Z1 1% 55% 43% Favorise la récupération.
Z2 56% 75% 66% Améliore votre résistance.
Z3 76% 90% 83% Améliore votre rendement aérobique.
Z4 91% 105% 98% Accroît votre capacité maximale de rendement.
Z5 106% 120% 113% Aide à améliorer votre vitesse.
Z6 121% 150% 135% Augmente votre capacité anaérobique.

The Bkool Workouts creator is simple to use.

Firstly, you need to choose what category your Workout falls under and enter a description. The list of categories are:

  • Active Recovery
  • Aerobic Resistance
  • Rhythm
  • Threshold
  • VO2 Max
  • Anaerobic Capacity

workouts para ciclismo en Bkool

Keep in mind that the warm-up (10 minutes) and cool-down (5 minutes) are not included in the total time of the session.

Outils :

Dans le menu contextuel au début du segment, vous pourrez faire une copie du segment avec lequel vous êtes en train d’interagir. Quand un segment est dupliqué, le nouveau est placé immédiatement à droite du duplicata.

Dans le menu contextuel au début du segment, vous pourrez EFFACER le segment avec lequel vous êtes en train d’interagir. En réalisant une sélection multiple, vous pouvez également effacer tous les segments.

En cliquant au début du segment, vous pouvez le déplacer pour le changer de position.

Chaque fois que le curseur est sur un segment, vous aurez la possibilité d’échelonner la durée, en cliquant sur le bord droit du segment. Vous verrez votre modification dans les infobulles sur la durée et la durée totale sera mise à jour.

En cliquant et en déplaçant plusieurs segments, vous ferez une sélection multiple de ces derniers. Les segments sont toujours sélectionnés de façon contigüe. Les segments que vous avez sélectionnés peuvent être éliminés, dupliqués et déplacés. En les dupliquant, vous créez une série.

Once you have your Workout ready click on “Save” or “Publish“. If you click Schedule it will be programmed directly into your scheduled routes which can be found inside the Bkool Simulator.

Whether you publish or save your Workout, you can always find it in Sessions>Workouts and using the filter to display sessions created by you.


Apart from the degree of difficulty of the session, the terms IF and TSS will also help you understand the difficulty of the session.

The IF (Intensity Factor) is the Normalized Power for a cyclist expressed as a fraction of the Functional Threshold Power (FTP). IF = NP / FTP

The TSS (Training Stress Score) is a score based in a 1 hour workout at FTP pace, time trial style. That effort would be awarded 100 TSS points.

You can calculate the value with the following formula:

TSS = [(s × NP × IF) ÷ (FTP × 3600)] × 100

Where s is time in seconds, NP is Normalized Power, IF intensity factor and FTP is the Functional Threshold Power.


When you click on a workout, you will see the effort profile 4 and the time in each zone 5. Underneath the name you can see the total time 1, the difficulty of the session 2, and the IF and TSS figures for the workout 3.

workouts para ciclismo en Bkool

The workouts set a target zone for you. You have to stay within the zone in order to complete the objectives. The watts reading will turn red if you leave the target zone.


The center of the screen shows the time remaining for the segment you are in 3. A notification will appear before each segment change.


The trainer’s resistance is adjusted automatically using the ERG system 5, regardless of your pace, so that you can stay within the specified watt range

You can turn it off by hitting the P key, in which case you will have to adjust the speed/cadence and gears on your bike to stay in the zone. Pressing the P key again will activate the ERG and maintain the power you are outputting at that moment.

If the segment you are in has a specific cadence target, it will be shown in 4

Next to your name you can see your score so far 1. The more you stay in the target zones for the workout, the better your score. The completion % is shown just below that 2.

When you finish the workout, you’ll see the % completed, the power range, average heart rate and effort (IF).

If you click on the “Training diary” you can record how you are feeling. You can also do so later on the website. Remember to save it so it’s uploaded to your history.


Click on "Analyze" to see the activity graph and the stats recorded


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