Smart Bike Manual


Simulator and Bkool Remote app

If you are not registered at, do so now. You will need to use the same registration email and password to log into the Bkool simulator.

Activate your coupon

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Bkool Simulator

Download the Bkool Simulator. For PC / Mac you can get it from On your tablet and smartphone, from the App Store or Google Play.

Bkool Remote

Download the Bkool Remote app on your smartphone from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Pair the Smart Bike to the Bkool Simulator


Connect the USB ANT+ antenna to your PC or tablet.

If using an Android tablet, you will need an additional adapter (OTG cable, not included).

The USB ANT+ antenna included is not compatible with the iPad.


In Windows, pair the Smart Bike to your PC (not needed for Mac, iPad or Android tablets).

Note: The Smart Bike can only be connected to one Bluetooth device at a time.

Make sure you have a connection to internet in the area where the Smart Bike is located.

Plug the Smart Bike into the outlet.

Log into the Bkool simulator with the email and password you used to register.

Open the Bkool Remote app on your phone, it will pair itself with the simulator.

The Bkool simulator will automatically detect the Smart Bike.

If not, go to “Settings > Pair my devices”.

Look for the Smart Bike on the list of devices detected.

Press the + icon on the right of the screen to select the Bkool Smart Bike.

Heart rate monitor

The Bkool simulator is compatible with any ANT+ or Bluetooth heart rate monitor (not included with the Bkool unit; you can get one in our Store).

Keep the heart rate monitor activated and near your computer or tablet.

The process for pairing it to the simulator is the same as for the Smart Bike.

Take the 5-min FTP test

You have to take an FTP test in order to establish your workout zones so you can take classes appropriate for your current fitness level.

You can find it in the simulator by going to “Search > Create FTP Test”.

During the test you will use the Bkool Remote app to adjust the resistance.

Structure of the test


Test: 5’ at maximum sustainable power (80-90 rpm)



It’s important to warm up properly before the test. We recommend the following:

4 minutes 70-125W @80-90rpm + Activation: 3x1 minute @100rpm + 1 minute @80-90rpm


After the warm-up and activation, you should try to keep the power as high as possible for 5 minutes.

Use the Remote app to raise or lower the gears on the Smart Bike and find your pace.


It’s normal to start out too strong and have to reduce your effort later. If you start out too hard, you’ll have to lower your output later, which will yield a score that’s lower than your true potential. Try not to start out too strong. Increase your power gradually until you reach a constant pace you can maintain until the end. Keep in mind that the test is very short. Don’t hold back too much.

Remember how you rode the test as a reference in future attempts. It’s normal for the first tests to be off. You’ll get better with practice.

Riding a class

In the simulator section on “Suggested sessions”, you can scroll down to find the “Fitness” section with different classes.

Press on any of them to see details with the workout zones and ride it if you want.

The simulator will display all the stats you need: workout zone, cadence, %FTP, watts and BPM.

The Smart Bike will adjust automatically during the class. As you approach a change in zone or target cadence, a message will be displayed to alert you.

Searching for Classes
From the simulator

At the top, next to your name, is the search option. Press Classes.

The search is divided into “Live” and “All”. .

Press “Filter” to search based on various criteria:




Class name

From the website

Go to “Sessions > Classes” and search for the class you want by using the different options on the left. If you click on “Schedule” it will be available in the simulator.

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