Bkool Mobile


The Bkool Mobile app makes it fast and simple to use your Bkool trainer.

It’s available for iOS and Android.

Bkool Mobile lets you control the resistance of your Bkool trainer and record your session.
You can also use sensors (heart rate, cadence, etc.) to get your data.

You don’t need an internet connection, except to upload the session. You don’t need a Premium subscription to use it.

You just have to pair your trainer, and sensors if you have them, via Bluetooth.

The Android version also lets you connect via ANT+ if your device supports it.

Linking devices

To link devices, you have to press the icon, which will display every device within reach.


Pressing on the device will give you the option to pair it or, if already paired , to remove it.

Remember to turn on the devices and turn the pedals a few times to activate them.

Modes of use

The app has three modes of use: ERG, Slope and Free.


The dashboard can be personalized. You can change a field by pressing on it.


You can specify the power value (W) and the trainer’s resistance will vary to maintain that power. If you drag the top slider, your current W value will be locked. You can change it in steps of 5 with the + and - buttons.


To deactivate ERG mode, simply move the slider again into the OFF position.


Use the + and - to set the slope.



Lets you pedal with no resistance on the trainer and record the activity.


In this mode the intensity is determined by the gear and your cadence.


Before starting the session, you have the option to set a target that will mark the end of the session.

You can enter it under the mode selector.


The options for each mode are:

  • ERG. Time.
  • Slope. Distance
  • Free. Time or distance.

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