Why isn't the ANT+ detected?


-Ensure it is connected to your device.

-It's connected but the ANT+ isn't detected.

- Do you have the Garmin Express or Agent software (or any other program that uses ANT+ technology, like Adidas MyCoach) on the computer? Close Garmin Express (it's not compatible with our simulator) and turn off all other Garmin programs and processes on your computer. (Windows: Task manager >> Applications/Processes // MAC: Activity Monitor). Make sure also that you aren't using the Garmin USB ANT+. To use Bkool Indoor, the Garmin Agent must be off. If not, the two programs may conflict with each other.

- If the above doesn't work, there could be a conflict in your computer's COM ports. Try a different USB port, or go into the Device Manager and in LibUSB, you'll see USB ANT+ Stick 2. Right click and select Uninstall. Remove and reinsert the USB to reinstall the USB ANT+. You can also try rebooting the computer after uninstalling the USB ANT+.

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