How to pair a heart rate monitor (HRM)

Monitors that use ANT+ or Bluetooth LE technology are compatible with Bkool.

To pair the monitor and sensor with Bkool Indoor, follow these steps:

  • - Put on the HRM and make sure the battery is charged.
  • - Connect the USB ANT+ antenna, if you have it, to your computer or tablet.
  • - If not, pair the HRM to the computer via Bluetooth (only for PC-Windows)
  • - Go into Bkool Indoor > Settings > Pair my devices
  • - A list of devices will be shown, including the sensor. Select it by clicking on the + icon at the right.
  • The Bkool trainer does not include a HRM.
    The simulator shows the speed, power, cadence, time and distance on the screen.
    If you want to see your heart rate, you need a specific HR monitor.

    In the Bkool store you can buy accessories that are compatible with the Bkool trainer, like a dual Bluetooth/ANT+ heart rate monitor.

    NOTE: the accessories in the Bkool store are only available in some countries.

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