• How to activate a coupon or Premium subscription


    If you purchased your trainer in a store. To activate a Premium subscription: (1) sign up at if you haven't done so yet; (2) log in using the email and password you used to sign up; (3) go to

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  • Premium. Subscription types


    Bkool is a cycling simulator that lets you do workout sessions, compete with other people from your home and share your achievements on our social network. Bkool isn’t just another trainer; it’s a complete training system that lets you share your favorite sport with your friends in the easiest way possible.

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  • Advantages of being Premium


    Never miss a session. The automatic subscription makes it easier to exercise. You'll never miss a workout because you forgot to renew your subscription.

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  • Premium subscription: personal non-transferable (and non-refundable)


    As you can see in our Purchasing Conditions, the Premium subscription is non-transferable and thus cannot be assigned to a different user once activated.

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  • How do I go Premium?


    To go Premium, go into the Premium section.

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