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Challenge Team Medellin

Ride with the professional cyclist of the Colombian team

General Rules

How to join the Group Ride?

To participate in BKOOL Group Rides, you need a Premium BKOOL subscription (you can try BKOOL Premium free for a month). Using your subscription, enter the BKOOL app at the published departure time for the group ride. Select the session that's highlighted with a yellow star in the LIVE section of the Main Menu. If you can't find it, refresh the screen until it appears. We recommend you take advantage of the 10 minute warm-up period (actual start time is 10 minutes after the published departure time, to allow for the warm-up and let people join before the start). Enter the session and wait for the warm-up to finish. When the countdown gets to zero, go for it!

Time (CEST)

  • CEST: Departure at 07:00 pm (Warm-up from 06:50 to 07:00 pm).
  • Colombia Time: Starts at 1:00 pm (Warm-up from 12:50 to 1:00 pm).

Make the most of the warm up period to join the session and kick off the race with the most powerful team in all of Colombia.

Become a member of the Team Medellin

Fresh from action in a spectacular performance in the Vuelta a Colombia, where Jose T Hernández reached first place and Brayan Sánchez won the mountain jersey. This time you will be their mountain teammate. Complete with them the first stage of the Challenge Series with CADEX Cycling!