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FETRI Virtual - Roquetas

Travel to Roquetas de Mar to get ready for the next event of the Campeonato de España.

Dal 17/05 al 22/05

General Rules

How to take part?

Sign up for BKOOL, download BKOOL Cycling and connect your Smart trainer from any brand. First time in BKOOL? You can try it for free for 30 days. Once you log into the BKOOL Cycling app, you'll see the stage in the PROMO carousel in the upper portion of the main menu. Click on it to ride the session. Once you finish, save it. Your best time will always show up in the general classification.

Times (CEST)

As well as being able to train on the route whenever you want between the 16th and 22nd May, you can also train with other Bkoolers in the following Group Rides:


Wednesday 18th May at 19:00

Friday 20th May at 19:00

Head down to the beach!

Travel to this route on the southern coast of Spain to prepare for the following event of the FETRI’s Campeonato de España. Thanks to the most realistic and immersive cycling experience in BKOOL, you can get ready for the big day by using the BKOOL Simulator. You will end up knowing the route well, and you will be able to avoid the heat by training for the comfort of your own home.