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The most advanced way to train


Indoors & outdoors



When you ride at home you'll feel the same as on the road. Bkool incorporates a high-end trainer with the most advanced simulator. The world's only trainer with 3D World!

  • The only one with 3D World
  • Over 500,000 routes
  • Extreme realism
  • Hundreds of route videos.
  • Intelligent performance


Analyze your activity and reach new heights. Optimize your workout with attractive, customized plans and the most advanced analysis - all in the Cloud, accessible from any device.

  • Analysis in the Cloud
  • History in the Cloud
  • Customized plans
  • Structured tests
  • Work zones

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Experience the most realistic sensations. Professionals agree: with Bkool actual riding sensations on the ground can really be felt.

Realismo extremo

Connect it and pedal. It's that easy!

Plug & Play

Ramps up to 1,200w, on a progressive curve. You'll feel just like you were out there on the road.

Potente: 1.200 W

Easy storage. We've reduced its weight and size to a minimum.

Compacto & ligero

Advanced electronics. The result of combining biomechanical engineering with the most powerful cycling software.

Comportamiento inteligente

Bkool is one of the quietest trainers, which is very important if you're going to train at home.


Crafted design. Aesthetics matter.


Cover any route on the planet, alone or with up to 100 friends. Exclusive Bkool technology.

3D World. ¡Novedad mundial

You'll never repeat the same route. Furthermore, with 3D World you can cover any route in the world. Create your session or choose from those of your friends or Bkool's.

Más de 500. 000 rutas

Hundreds of video routes to make your session more realistic.

Vídeo real

Train with up to 100 friends. At home, no matter where they are. Live!


Available for PC; Mac and tablets (iPad and Android)


Play your Spotify music to liven up your session (Spotify fee not included)


Speak with your club members or opponents as you ride.

Chat de voz

Create or participate in sports events. You can train with up to 100 cyclists.

Ligas y equipo

Analysis in the Cloud

Our powerful analytical platform calculates the data from your sessions.



Compare your performance by category and country, with other cyclists and friends.C


Customized plans

Set your goals. We'll generate your personalized plan so you can track your progress.


History in the Cloud

Analyze your sessions in detail. The data is stored indefinitely.


Training zones

Complex calculations to define your pulse zones and strength, training with greater precision


Import Routes

Record your routes with your GPS or mobile, and repeat them at home


Export Sessions

Extract your data from Bkool to analyze or share it. Multiple formats.


Structured tests

Check your physical state to determine your starting point and progress


The most advanced trainer
Half the cost of similar trainers!

Priced much lower than similar trainers
thanks to cutting-edge design and manufacturing technology
that puts it within everyone's reach.

What they're saying about Bkool

The option chosen by cyclists, triathletes and in specialized publications

  • Outside Magazine
    "The Coolest Cycling Tech of 2015. It might sound crazy, but this trainer actually has me a little excited for indoor riding season" Outside
  • Ant+
    "Bkool has revolutionized the cycling experience (...) Bkool will set the standard for years to come" ANT+
  • Red kite Prayer
    "I was fairly secure that I wouldn’t have the urge to return to this sort of training until I encountered Bkool" Red kite Prayer
  • CX magazine
    "We tested the Bkool trainer (briefly at Press Camp) and was impressed with the smooth and powerful resistance changes as the (virtual) ride terrain changed" CX magazine
  • Bike Rumor
    “The (Bkool) Inertia Simulation helps carry momentum like it would in the real world”“ Bike Rumor
  • DC Rainmaker
    "It has a good collection of videos and rides (...). Which is pretty much any ride/race/route on earth" DC Rainmaker
  • Josef Ajram
    “Bkool is an incredible home trainer, you'll be delighted” Josef Ajram. Multiple Ironman competitor
  • Pierre-Michael Micaletti
    "I use it to train every day and it's become a must item" Pierre-Michael Micaletti. Athlete. Multiple world record holder