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Indoor cycling

Cyclist training with an indoor cycling app from home.

Cycle around the world

The most realistic indoor cycling app

Travel to any corner of the planet without leaving home. Discover thousands of different routes with cyclists from around the world. Participate in major events and turn your daily training into a spectacular experience. With BKOOL, every workout can be different!

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Achieve your goals

Designed to make you improve

Choose from four different training modes: Routes, Workouts, Velodrome, and BKOOL Spin Studio, with indoor cycling classes on video. Thousands of options to improve while having fun. Connect your apps and create the ideal training ecosystem to achieve your goals.

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Try BKOOL totally free for 30 days. After that, only €11 per month or €110 per year (2 months free). You can cancel at any time.
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Your BKOOL Premium subscription gives you full access to the indoor cycling apps BKOOL Cycling and BKOOL Spin Studio. Download them and get a taste of the workout of the future.Download for free
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Check your equipment

Check that your equipment is compatible with BKOOL and that your system meets all the requirements.View compatibilities
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BKOOL is the most complete and realistic virtual cycling platform available. It offers endless content to help you achieve your training goals while having fun and without leaving your home. All while sharing the experience with thousands of cyclists from around the world.

You can enjoy the BKOOL apps on your computer, tablet or smartphone, as long as you are connected to the internet. Check your system's compatibility here.

To get the most out of BKOOL's indoor cycling apps, we recommend connecting them to a Smart Trainer or Smart Bike. But if you don't have one, you can also use BKOOL by connecting the apps to a heart rate sensor, cadence sensor, speed sensor or potentiometer.

BKOOL is the most complete indoor cycling software available. No other platform allows you to enjoy virtual routes, workouts, track cycling and indoor cycling classes. With BKOOL you can ride the most emblematic stages in cycling history, loosen up your legs at the famous London Velodrome, create your own structured workouts or enjoy an instructor-led class as if you were in a gym. All this and more is included in the BKOOL Premium subscription.

BKOOL has three different types of Premium subscriptions:

  • Monthly subscription: 11 € / month.
  • Annual subscription: 110 € / year in a single payment. This type of plan saves two months compared to the monthly option.
  • Family plan: €129/year. 43 €/year per person. Designed so that you can share your BKOOL Premium subscription with your family members, always using the same IP connection.

To cancel the renewal of your Premium Subscription, you must first log in to our website with your username and password.

Go to your profile https://www.bkool.com/en/my-subscription and click on "Do you want to cancel your subscription", it's very simple. The subscription will end on the date specified and you will not receive any further charges.

Cyclist training on an indoor cycling bike and computer with the download logo of the BKOOL indoor cycling applications.

BKOOL is easy to use

BKOOL is compatible with a multitude of smart cycling rollers, Smart Bikes and different training sensors. Also with Apps such as Strava or TrainingPeaks. Solve all your doubts

Try it for free and start riding!

Try BKOOL free for 30 days and enjoy the most complete and realistic virtual cycling simulator. Improve your performance at home with the training of the future.

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