What is BKOOL?

The most complete and realistic cycling simulator available. Four training modes to suit all tastes: ride real routes, ride on the velodrome, sign up for a class or train like the pros.

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Discover new routes every day.

Take on cycling temples like Alpe D'Huez or Col du Tourmalet, enjoy a beach ride in Australia or complete an MTB route in the Sahara. BKOOL puts millions of real routes at your fingertips.
Customise your sessions

Customise your sessions

Endless editing options to customise your training. Use the search engine to choose where to train and explore new routes every day.

Start riding

Start riding

BKOOL Real Weather applies real weather conditions to every ride. Choose your development and view type and enjoy the most realistic training experience.

The most complete analysis

The most complete analysis

An in-depth analysis of your performance on the road, with all the parameters you need to evaluate your results. Everything you need to improve on a daily basis.

Share your own routes

Share your own routes

BKOOL Video Editor allows you to upload your own video routes to the platform and share them with other BKOOLers. Recreate your outdoor training from home.

4 different views

Travel the world without leaving home. Which view will you choose for your training?

An unrivalled immersive experience. Feel as if you were there on each track, thanks to innovative simulation technology that combines high-definition video with 3D elements.

Download BKOOL CyclingIcon arrow-forward-secondary... and discover millions of cycling routes without leaving home.

Workouts designed to make you better

The only cycling simulator that lets you create your own workouts or enjoy workouts designed by cycling experts at different levels of intensity.

Active Recovery

Moderate intensity sessions designed to help you recover after a long, intense ride.


Aerobic endurance

Improve your fitness and endurance level on the bike. Perform better and longer.



Increase your aerobic performance for longer and longer.



Workouts designed to help you increase your maximum cycling performance threshold.



Structured workouts to raise your anaerobic threshold. Find out how far you can go.


Aerobic capacity

Improve your resistance to fatigue, increase your intensity levels and recover better and faster.

Weekly Workout by Wattslab

Every week you will have a training plan designed by the experts from Watts Lab with different types of goals. Complete the workouts and improve every day by training from home!
Download BKOOL CyclingIcon arrow-forward-secondary... and get better every day with specialised Workouts.

Take the gym home with you: BKOOL Spin Studio

Video Spinning classes adapted to your needs. Choose how long you want to workout and enjoy a spectacular training experience with the best instructors in the world. In different languages and with different levels of intensity, so there is always an option to suit you.
BKOOL cycling simulator instructor giving an indoor cycling class
Ruth Pardo

Ruth Pardo

Saltos aeróbicos

30 minutes of fun aimed at improving your aerobic capacity.

BKOOL cycling simulator instructor giving an indoor cycling class
Chloe Laureyns

Chloe Laureyns

Five shots

Will you be able to withstand the five peaks of intensity?

BKOOL cycling simulator instructor giving an indoor cycling class
Hannah Lewin

Hannah Lewin

Put your rhythm

A class to get you started in spinning and start enjoying the sport.

Download BKOOL Spin StudioIcon arrow-forward-secondary... and take the best of the gym home with you.

Feel the adrenaline rush of cycling on a track.

BKOOL is the only cycling simulator that allows you to ride on three real velodromes, each with different characteristics, but always following the same pattern: They are pure fun!
Image of a 3D velodrome belonging to the BKOOL cycling simulator
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Galapagar Velodrome (Madrid, Spain)

Image of a 3D velodrome belonging to the BKOOL cycling simulator
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Luis Puig Velodrome (Valencia, Spain)

Image of a 3D velodrome belonging to the BKOOL cycling simulator
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London Velodrome (London, United Kingdom)

Download BKOOL CyclingIcon arrow-forward-secondary... and get hooked on the thrill of track cycling.
Cyclist training on an indoor cycling bike and computer with the download logo of the BKOOL indoor cycling applications.

BKOOL is easy to use

BKOOL is compatible with a multitude of smart cycling rollers, Smart Bikes and different training sensors. Also with Apps such as Strava or TrainingPeaks. Solve all your doubts

Try it for free and start riding!

Try BKOOL free for 30 days and enjoy the most complete and realistic virtual cycling simulator. Improve your performance at home with the training of the future.

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