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World Series Final Pontevedra 2023

Get ready for the Grand Final World Series Pontevedra 2023

From 15/08 to 24/09

General Rules

How to participate?

Register at BKOOL, download BKOOL Cycling and connect it to your smart trainer of any brand. First time at BKOOL? Remember that you can try it for free for 30 days. When you log in to BKOOL Cycling, you will see the corresponding stage at the top. Finish your session and save it. Your best time will always be recorded in the ranking.

Train whenever you want

You can train on the route at any time between 15 August and 24 September, get to know the route and prepare for the challenge that awaits you in Pontevedra.

Pontevedra is waiting for you!

It's time to train for this event, the Pontevedra 2023 World Series Grand Final. Thanks to the most realistic and immersive cycling experience in BKOOL, you can prepare for the big day by practicing the route in the BKOOL Simulator. Prepare yourself from home in the week of the event, and when you do the stage you will already know the route like the back of your hand.