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Pos. Name Time Dif.
1 Countryyovani 00:16:38 00:00:00
2 CountryMauro Nana 00:16:53 00:00:15
3 CountryFelix Barba 00:18:06 00:01:28
4 CountryMauro Barchiesi 00:19:38 00:03:00
5 CountryEulate 00:19:51 00:03:13
6 CountryBearboy(Michel.G) 00:20:13 00:03:35
7 CountryMiguel Marinho Silva 00:20:54 00:04:16
8 CountryJosé María Bazaga Marco 00:20:57 00:04:19
9 CountryZurraque 00:21:13 00:04:35
10 CountryIñigo Agirrebeitia 00:21:34 00:04:56
11 Countryjavier arconada martinez 00:21:37 00:04:59
12 CountryChris22 00:22:45 00:06:07
13 CountryKertomix 00:22:52 00:06:14
14 CountryÒscar CG 00:23:40 00:07:02
15 CountryHermoso 00:23:50 00:07:12
16 CountryThorbjørn Hansen 00:24:15 00:07:37
17 CountryChristoph Skotarek 00:24:42 00:08:04

General Rules

How to participate?

Register at BKOOL, download BKOOL Cycling and connect it to your smart trainer of any brand. First time at BKOOL? Remember that you can try it for free for 30 days. When you log in to BKOOL Cycling, you will see the corresponding stages at the top. Finish your session and save it. Your best time will always be recorded in the ranking. 

It's very easy, just complete the stage, save the session and your participation will be recorded. Take part!

Ride like a pro

The Giro d'Italia Ride Like A Pro Spain in Tenerife will draw on the ride two days that will pass through the southwest of the island, crossing iconic places and witnessing idyllic landscapes under the essence of the Giro d'Italia, in one of the training areas of the professional cyclists in their preparation for the big races of the year.

The Giro d'Italia Ride Like A Pro Spain has two stages, with a total of 180 kilometres and almost 5,000 metres of accumulated height gain.

Compete and win

Among all cyclists who complete the stages within the specified dates, we will draw lots:

  • 2 bibs among all those who do any of the two stages.
  • 2 more bibs among all those who take part in the Group Ride with BKOOL Ambassador.
  • 10% discount for all those who take part in each section.