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Pos. Name Time Dif.
1 CountryMartin Stöcker 00:28:07 00:00:00
2 CountryLaurent VIANDIER 00:32:18 00:04:11
3 CountryFranck LF 00:32:55 00:04:48
4 CountryRolo Tomassi 00:34:36 00:06:29
5 CountryXoldurain 00:34:39 00:06:32
6 Countrycyclo45 00:46:21 00:18:14

General Rules

How to participate?

BKOOL and RCS Sport offer you the opportunity to take part in the biggest event in the history of virtual cycling from your own home.

Would you like to experience the thrill of the Giro d'Italia stages first hand? Take part by completing these simple steps:

Register on BKOOL by creating a Premium account from our website. You don't need to pay any extra registration fees. The Giro d'Italia Virtual ENEL hosted by BKOOL 2023 is open to all BKOOL Premium subscribers. Remember that we offer a 30-day free trial for new members - take advantage of it!

Download the BKOOL Cycling app (available for PC, Mac, Android tablets, iPads and Android smartphones).
Enter the simulator with your profile. You will find the stage corresponding to each week at the top, in the PROMO section. Complete the stage within the established dates and save the session when you finish.

You can do the stage as many times as you want as long as you are within the stipulated period for the stage. Your best time will always be recorded in the standings.

Dates and Stages

The most realistic virtual cycling experience you can imagine. We have recorded the stages of the Giro d'Italia 2023 in the middle of the race, to offer them to you in a new type of simulation that combines HD + 3D video.

Immerse yourself in the real stages of the Corsa Rosa and enjoy first-hand the atmosphere, the incomparable landscapes and the special aura that only this magical race can give off - the closest thing to taking part in the Giro! Cheer on your favourite cyclists on TV during the Giro d'Italia, and then you can take part in it from home.

Check the dates for each of the stages of the fourth event of the Giro d'Italia Virtual ENEL 2023 hosted by BKOOL: 

Special Awards and Group Rides

Not only do we offer you the chance to experience all the magic of the Giro d'Italia close up... In addition, there will be some amazing prize draws, which you can enter by simply completing the stages.

All those who complete all 5 stages of the event within the given dates will be entered into a fantastic prize draw for one of the following gifts:

  • Maglia Rosa and official Giro d'Italia Virtual jerseys.
  • Exclusive experiences at the next edition of the Giro d'Italia.
  • Packs of Castellii cycling gear.
    ...and much more!

Remember that the only thing you have to do to enter the draws is to complete all the stages within the proposed dates.