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General Rules

Weekly Workout

Each week, you will receive a training package made up of workouts developed by one of the WATTS LAB trainers. These workouts are designed to enhance the physical capacity of those users who are committed to following them on a daily basis.

These workout routines have been specifically created to allow you to maintain a complete schedule week after week, taking you one step closer to your goals. Choose to perform the featured workout at any time of the day, depending on your availability, giving you the flexibility to design your own schedule. Whether you opt for a 20-minute EXPRESS workout focused on weekly goals or dive into the full 45-minute session, all options are at your fingertips - don't miss out!

*An optimal training week is characterised by 3 to 5 training sessions according to the recommendations given here. Maintaining this consistency will allow you to reach your goals effectively and progressively.

This week we are working on...



This week we will work on our FTP or functional power threshold. This training will help us improve our ability to generate high power during prolonged efforts. It will also allow us to delay the onset of fatigue and recover more quickly after high-intensity exertion.

How to access a session with a live trainer?

At the top of the BKOOL Cycling main menu you will find each day's workout designed by Watts Lab. You will be able to access it at any time with a single click.

Connect on Discord's written channel

Discord is a free application that you can download from this link on any device. The text channel (chat) is always available for any questions, problems or queries you may have with the Wattslab coaches.

Find more information on how to install and use our Discord channel in the following article.