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Tour de las Americas by BKOOL

4 different countries. 4 spectacular races. A unique journey across an entire continent.
From 19/07 to 29/08

General Rules

How to join the competition?

Register in BKOOL, download BKOOL Cycling and connect it to your Smart trainer from any brand. First time in BKOOL? Remember that you can try it for free for 30 days. When you enter BKOOL Cycling, you will see the relevant stage at the top of the page. Complete the session and save it. The classification will always register your best time. Check the dates which correspond to each race and complete the routes to be entered into the prize draws.


Much more than virtual cycling

We are going to kick off a virtual cycling experience different to any competition which you have taken part in. You are going to experience first hand a journey across an entire continent. You will take part in the virtual edition of four of the most important and specular cycling races in all of Latin America. Immerse yourself in the routes of the most beautiful rides on the continent, take part in Group Rides with many other cyclists and with the official race ambassadors, win fantastic prizes.... Over the next 5 weeks BKOOL will take you to the great temples of latin cycling. Get on your bike!