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Elite Italian Classics

A spectacular virtual cycling competition, which will recreate the most epic Italian stages
From 07/10 to 27/10


Pos. Name Time Dif.

General Rules

How to join the competition?

You're not a premium subscriber yet? Remember you can try it for FREE for 1 month. Download BKOOL Cycling and pair your smart trainer of any brand. When you enter BKOOL Cycling, you'll see the corresponding stage at the top. Finish the session and save it. Ride the stage whenever you want and repeat it as many times as you need. Your best time will always be recorded in the ranking.

Join the peloton

Participate in our group rides and complete the stage together with dozens of Bkoolers and special guests. Doesn't work with your schedule? Do it whenever you want. Attention! Check the General Regulations!  The best cycling stages in Italy are invading your living room.

Clim up in the rankings!

A ranking, three different categories: Female, Male and Smart Bikes. A single goal: first place! The perfect excuse to get the most out of yourself and keep fit. If you are one of those people who prefer to live each stage, instead of following them on the TV, you can’t miss Elite Italian Classics by BKOOL.

PDF Download the rules