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Fitness at home built for you, by you

With BKOOL, you are in complete control, you choose when you train, how hard and for how long. The rest is left in the capable hands of our expert instructors, who create classes that make sure you push yourself and get results like never before.

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Train to your own beat

Your rhythm, your goals, your results.

With technology that adapts to your ability, BKOOL puts you in control. You set your own goals and your own rhythm, and with our expert instructors' specialised video classes you choose exactly how you train too.

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You’re in control

Your sessions, your time, your home.

Forget the burden of not having time for anything, now is the time to focus on you. With BKOOL you can train when you want and how you want. This is fitness without limitations.

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Stay on track

Compatible with Strava, Google Fit (android) and Health (iOs) apps.

The BKOOL app gives you unlimited access to the best indoor cycling sessions and expert coaches. Hundreds of hours of top workouts and impressive results are now in your hands. Take control now.

Start your BKOOL experience today

If you’re ready to start your fitness journey with BKOOL, register now, download the app and get ready to take control with a free month’s trial.

You can train with other sensors

You can use your current exercise bike too. To enjoy our classes, connect a heart-rate monitor or cadence sensor to the app.

Choose. Train. Improve your performance.

Our coaches

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Unlimited experiences for just 9.99€ a month

The most powerful, smart and accessible immersive training experience. For just 9.99€ a month, experience BKOOL without limits and enter our huge community of BKOOLers.

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