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Bicycle trainer

Compact, Plug & Play, powerful Bicycle trainer . For the most realistic sensations. The technology and the manufacturing process that go into the Bkool cycling trainer means it only costs half as much as similar trainers. Bkool is a smart trainer . The Bkool trainer features the most advanced cycling simulator and a powerful analysis platform. Try it free now. See more

The smartest trainer

Cycling simulator

Works with any cycling trainer or stationary bike. With Bkool, ride with your friends without leaving your home. Exclusive technology: Bkool 3D recreates any cycling route on the planet in 3D. Bkool RealWeather ™ simulates the weather on the route. If you like real images, there are hundreds of videos. Its analysis platform will accurately measure your activity. See more

The whole world in 3D without leaving home


What is Bkool?
Bkool is the best solution for cycling fanatics. Bkool offers the most advanced bicycle trainer and cycling simulator, along with an analysis platform. If you already have a bicycle trainer or a stationary bike, you can also use the Bkool trainer and analysis platform. Bkool also offers a large social network where you can find thousands of friends around the world. It will change the way you train.
Why is the Bkool bicycle trainer different?
We'll give you three reasons: (1) It'll give you extremely realistic sensations; (2) It's a smart bicycle trainer designed especially to be used with the most advanced cycling simulator; (3) And very importantly, its price is half that of other bicycle trainers. It's also compact, light and powerful. The Bkool bicycle trainer is simply different.
Can I use a mountain bike with the Bkool trainer?
Yes, you can use a mountain bike with the Bkool trainer. In fact, many of our users do this. We recommend changing the rear tire for a road tire. If you have a MTB, Bkool is also for you: your MTB training will improve!
Can I improve my long-distance riding with Bkool?
If you want to get into long-distance cycling and improve your training, Bkool is a great choice. With Bkool you can pick any bike route in the world and select the one that's best suited to your training. With Bkool you can also ride in a professional velodrome in 3D. Discover long-distance cycling by competing against riders of every level or against virtual riders. They won't take it easy on you!
What makes the Bkool bicycle simulator different?
We'll give you three reasons: (1) It's the only simulator in the world with Bkool 3D World, which lets you ride every bike route. Other simulators only offer some routes; (2) It's the only simulator in the world with Bkool 3D Real Weather , which reproduces the real weather on the bike route you've selected; (3) It's the only simulator that lets you create your own 3D or video routes. Bkool is truly unique.
I already have a bicycle trainer from another brand. Can I use it with Bkool?
You can use any bicycle trainer, even a stationary bike. The experience will be better if you have an ANT+ compatible bicycle trainer, or one from Bkool, Wahoo KICKR or a "Real" Elite. If you have a different bicycle trainer, you will need a device such a heart-rate monitor, speedometer, cadence sensor or power sensor. With Bkool you'll get the most from your bicycle trainer. See more
Can I use a road bike with the Bkool trainer?
A road bike is the perfect option for using the bicycle trainer or the cycling simulator. With over 500,000 bike routes, you'll never ride the same route twice! If you can't find your favorite route, you can create it yourself either on video or in 3D. On Bkool's bike routes you can find thousands of riders to compete against. With Bkool you'll get the most from your road bike.
I work out on bike trainers. How can the Bkool simulator help me?
The Bkool route simulator is the best option for bike trainers. With Bkool, you can ride any bike route on the planet. You also have a powerful analysis platform that will help you get the most from your indoor rides.
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