The Simulator



Now, ride as you like anywhere.

The simulator has a different design now. It's faster, more intuitive, with more options. Easier access to our outstanding routes. The challenges await you, measure yourself with legendary cyclists. Moreover, our expert coaches have designed a structured training plans.
Ride as you like, anywhere

The Bkool simulator at a glance

  • 500,000 routes

    500,000 routes

    Choose from thousands of options: flat rides in Hawaii, climbs in France, created by other users or by you.

  • Multi-player


    Ride routes with users from all over the world, in real time! Create your own routes and other users will be able to ride along with you.

  • 3D World

    3D World

    Choose from the thousands of routes available at You can also turn your favorite routes into 3-D using the Bkool application or a GPS device.

  • 3D Real WeatherTM

    3D Real WeatherTM

    3-D Real Weather reproduces the weather on the route selected in real time: rain, sun, wind, snow… This technology is a Bkool exclusive.

  • 3-D Velodrome

    3-D Velodrome

    Enjoy a professional velodrome in 3-D: overtaking, speed, each rider's strategy, practice drafting, pacing, etc.

  • Videos


    Streaming. Enjoy a ride along the coastline or do a stage of the Tour of Utah. Videos taped by Bkool and other users in Asia, America, Europe, etc.

  • Leagues


    There are hundreds of leagues right now. Another way to compete, with stages, rankings and teams. You can create your own league and invite other users.

  • Opponents


    There are virtual riders with different profiles (climbers, sprinters, etc.). There are also real riders. You can even challenge yourself.

  • Analysis


    Our powerful analytical platform calculates and stores all your session data. Graphs, averages, maximums, trends… everything you need.

  • Voice chat

    Voice chat

    Talk with any users or friends on the route. You can always say something to make someone nearby smile, just like on a real road.

  • Messages


    If you go into the simulator as a spectator, you can write messages on the road, just like in real life.

  • Rankings


    All kinds of rankings, by number of sessions, distance, time, meters climbed, by month, season, year, etc.

  • Workout zones

    Workout zones

    We use the routes you ride on the trainer to calculate your heart rate and power zones. You can also take an FTP test if you prefer.

  • Export Sessions

    Export Sessions

    Multiple formats (.fit, .tcx, .gpx, .hrm). Export your sessions and share them on other platforms, send them to friends, etc.

  • Spectator mode

    Spectator mode

    Go in as a spectator and write messages on the road. See what their level is and find the best strategy to compete against them later.

  • STRAVA connection

    STRAVA connection

    Connect your Bkool and Strava accounts and any activity you do on either platform will be automatically synched. Upload your activity to Strava and it'll show up on Bkool, and vice versa.

How it works

  1. Indoor Cycling Training

    1. Download the Bkool Simulator

    Available for PC, Mac and tablets

  2. Indoor Bike Trainer

    2. Connect your devices

    Compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth

  3. Cycling Training

    3. Start using it

    Train and compete


Cycling Training

Bkool Simulator

Platforms List:
Mac (OSX 10.8), PC (Windows 7 or later), iOS (7 or later), Android (4.2 or later)
Developed by Bkool

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