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BKOOL is a social network to practice sport, not only to talk about it.
At BKOOL it is possible to create indoor sessions take part in leagues or have training plans .

It simulates tracks slopes and shows all the data on the screen.
Individual or multiplayer sessions with up to 100 cyclists. You can repeat your recorded or real video sessions and challenge yourself or compete in leagues.

You will forget about the classic cycling indoor training..

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BKOOL is the mobile application for iPhone and Android, it records and analyzes your outdoor GPS data : profile track, time, distance, speed, slope, power and burned calories.
Exceptionally easy to use.

Tracked outdoor sessions are saved in your history as well as indoor sessions.
You can use your recorded data to repeat indoor the session with the BKOOL equipment. While cycling you will see the pace you did outdoor.

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BKOOL app for iPhone and Android stores and analyzes GPS data from your trainings: time, distance, speed, pace and calories. Exceptionally easy to use.

Tracked outdoor sessions are saved in your history. You can review your recorded data or even create new sessions on the web, manually.

  • 1Heart rate monitor


An equipment that makes you enjoy cycling having the highest motivation indoor and outdoor.

It includes a quick release and front wheel support.

With BKOOL Cycling for iPhone and Android, you can track your outdoor sessions easily.


Wahoo KICKR trainer

You can now connect Wahoo KICKR to BKOOL software!

You will be able to enjoy all BKOOL functionalities such as real video and multiplayer sessions, training plans and share your progress on BKOOL social network. All this with your favourite trainer.



Record and analyze your running and cyclings GPS data with BKOOL mobile app for iPhone and Android or with a GPS device. You can store your track, profile, time, distance, speed or pace, slope, power and calories.

Exceptionally easy to use.



With BKOOL you can do either individual or multiplayer sessions up to 100 users on any track. .

You can also repeat your sessions or the ones other BKOOLers have done, real video sessions of the best triathlons and competitions, challenge, compete in leagues, or just create a distance or time session the way you like.



In your history you can find all your indoor and outdoor activity.

Indoor sessions history shows all the data visualized in BSim. In outdoor you can record them with BKOOL mobile application or import them from your Garmin or Polar device. It will also be shown in your history.

You will have the maximum control of your training and success.



BKOOL allows you to create pesonalized training plans.

You can set the time objective and the target you want to achieve and BKOOL will prepare the sessions needed.

From the web site footer you have access to some advice about training fitness, tecnique, equipment, mechanics and diet written by BKOOL experts.



Professionals practice with BKOOL 09 March 2012 BKOOL - Professionals practice with BKOOL To the all outstanding riders that already practice with BKOOL, we add some very wellknown cyclist and triathletes.
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